About Me

My name is Ollie. I enjoy art in all it’s facets and when I am not designing, I spend my time singing, acting, taking photographs or obsessing over the smallest of details in every aspect of my life. Whilst to many a flaw, this is probably why I obsess over the minutiae of design and what leads me to successful design solutions.

My Approach

Good design fulfils a need, whether that be: by making an everyday task easier; by offering enjoyment through experience or; by providing a means of self expression that establishes an emotional connection between the product and the user. To achieve this I follow an experience driven design process that provides an opportunity to better understand the motivations of the user: what frustrates them, and what makes them happy. With this knowledge one can better design products that inspire the user, and meet their innate desires. Great design is when you can achieve this without the addition of superfluous details, but through coherent and structured design, that is both intuitive and unobtrusive.

My Story

From a young age I have enjoyed creativity in art and music. I also have a logical mind and enjoy learning about psychology and the motivations that influence people’s choices and behaviour. These skills and interests are key in user-centred design and led me to study Product Design at Brunel University. During my studies, I learnt that people have a habit of accepting everyday struggles and too quickly blame themselves for finding tasks frustrating.  We were taught therefore that it is a designers job not to design for ourselves, but to design with people in mind who have real problems to solve.

Next Steps…

If you wish to get in contact, or download a copy of my CV or portfolio, please find links for each below…